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The fire-retardant protective mounting boot provides added drop and moisture protection to your module. In addition, the mounting boot includes 12-mounting tabs for attaching to mortar racks, hanging from rafters, and even permanent SPFX installation for each snap-in, snap-out installation. Use a simple S-hook from any hardware store to easily hang them from racks or other fixtures / surfaces.

We offer a companion top boot option. The top boot will offer superb weather protection to your module, while still giving you complete control and access to all functionality of the unit. The boot is built using the same fire-retardant material as our bottom boot, and is water resistant as well. The boot is designed to force excess water to run off of the side or bottom of the boot. When applying the top boot over a bottom boot, the top boot will tightly overlap over the bottom boot forming a seal, this will prevent water from seeping into your module. Included with a top boot purchase is a small antenna extender. This will screw onto your antenna connecter and your antenna will screw into this antenna extender. Use of this additional piece will prevent water from running down the antenna into the module.

The top boot offers a raised cylinder above the key, allowing you to arm, disarm, and power the unit off and on without removing the boot. The boot comes with a transparent finish, allowing you to clearly see the LED display, the continuity bulbs, and provides full visibility and access to all buttons.

Becasue the top boot is designed to allow access to the module, it is only offered in clear.

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