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The COBRA Deadman Control is a handheld control that supports the following functionality. Please note the COBRA Deadman Control requires you to operate the Cobra 4.0 BETA firmware release.

  • Deadman Lever – The deadman lever is an easy to hold lever that rests comfortably against your palm. Simply configure your script to require the deadman and the script will only fire if the deadman lever is held. Release the lever and the script will pause immediately. Hold the lever again to resume the script.
  • STEP Button – The top of the control has left and right buttons. Pressing the left button will execute the STEP command on the 18R2. This is the same as pressing the STEP button on the 18R2.
  • ALTERNATE Button – The right button fires the next alternate cue. You can use alternate cues to fill black sky if something does not fire as expected. For example, you may define five shells as alternates. As your script is running, simply press the alternate button to fire the next alternate cue.

What’s included?
When purchasing the COBRA Deadman Control, you will receive the following:

  • Industrial Deadman Control – The deadman control is a high quality control used primarily for indsutrial outdoor heavy duty applications. We have customized the control to work with the COBRA 18R2.
  • Deadman Adapter PCB Board – The deadman requires a new adapter board that plugs easily into the 18R2.
  • Back Half Enclosure – Since the deadman connects to the 18R2 with a special industrial plug, you will receive a new back half enclosure with the proper mating cables pre-installed.