MS32Q – Wireless 32cue firing system


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  • MS32Q includes standard transmitter, power switch keys and external battery adapter.
  • Standard 12 button remote with 200m range. Requires A23 battery (included)
  • Digital volt meter allows you to monitor battery level.
  • Three position rocker switch with test mode for continuity check, learn mode for programming transmitter, and arm mode.
  • The MS32Q can either be powered external battery box and 10 AA batteries or externally by any 12V to 24V battery. (batteries not included)


Model No.: RF32D
Modulation Type: FSK, 433.92MHz
Cue: 32
Working Voltage: DC 9V to 27V
Firing current: >750mA, Max.15A each cue, total current less than 30 Amps.
Test current: <40mA
Mini Firing Interval: 100 millisecond
Body Material: Aluminium alloy
Sizes: 211mmx144mmx48mm, antenna is retractile and folded.
Working Temperature: from -10℃ to 50℃

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