About Us

Mortar Supply began as a wholesale supplier of mortars and mortar racks back in 2008. I started out for the same reason you are here. I wanted to take my backyard firework shows to the next level beyond reloading mortars one at a time. After a little research I found that the absolute best option for mortars was HDPE pipe. As you probably already know this isn’t something you can purchase at your local home center. HDPE is an industrial grade pipe that is used primarily for municipal water, gas, and as a conduit. Fortunately I was lucky enough to have a HDPE manufacturing plant not far from me. Rather than opening an independent shop at that time I was able to form a partnership with another start up company. After 7 successful years behind the curtain I have decided to step out and open Mortar Supply.

My goal is to offer a superior product with superior customer service.