FTH-48Fx Full version


DMX output control for flames and other DMX devices.

New feature built in 14.8V@1000mAh battery.

New rail design same shape but with clear connectors and LEDs under connectors. Now you will be able to check the script without using external bulbs. Also the LEDs will blink if there is nothing connected on that channel.

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Package contains: 1xFTH-48Fx, 5xRails (new design with LEDs), and charger

Options: Wireless, Bluetooth, GPS, DMX output, Time code reader/generator, 2 wire connection, external antenna

Android Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth, Computer via USB, External player via Time code, other firing system via External trigger or Panel buttons, FTM-99S remote or other FTH-48E (S) module set as Master via wireless. It has DMX output control for flames and other DMX devices.

Can be used to fire: Manual, Sequence, Automatic scripts with or without music

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 3 in