FTM-99S Wireless/Audio


Package Includes:
1 X FTM-99S
Internal Player
Time code

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FTM-99S remote:
Wireless option allows connectivity to FTH-48E modules or other FTM-99S remote set as Audio Box.
Internal Player option allows audio tract to be stored in the remote and output to external speakers at start of script.
Time Code option allows script control via an external audio player. Free software included to create time code with your audio file.

The FTM-99S remote is a Portable handheld controller that can control up to 99 firing modules. With 2 FTM-99S remotes the second remote can be used as an Audio Box. Can be used to fire: Manual, Sequence, Automatic scripts or all concurrently with or without music. It features a 2.6’’ graphic LCD for the display of real-time parameters of the remote and field interfaces, 2 wire control and USB connection